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Latest News

April 2017

Remote Monitoring For Rehab
Videos about our remote monitoring programs for rehab at home released. Click here for more information.

January 2016

FDA Approves WHI Developed AbStats system
FDA approves WHI developed AbStats™ System which provides a wearable, real-time assessment of a patient’s digestive function. Recently published clinical trial results show that AbStats not only detects but also enables prediction of the onset of the critical gastrointestinal conditions.
Learn more here.

2016 WHI Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program
WHI Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program is accepting applications for 2016 summer internships. Check here for more information.

December 2014

2015 WHI Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program
WHI Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program is accepting applications for 2015 summer internships. Check here for more information.

February 2014

2014 Internship Deadline extension
The deadline for the Wireless Health Institute at UCLA 2014 Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program has been extended to March 14th. Check here for more information...

December 2013

Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities available for 2014
Information about the Wireless Health Institute at UCLA 2014 Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program has now been posted.

April 2013

Undergraduate Internship Application Deadline Extension
The Deadline for applications to the Wireless Health Institute at UCLA 2013 Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program has been extended to April 12th. More information posted here.

March 2013

Summer Undergraduate Internships
Information about the Wireless Health Institute at UCLA 2013 Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program has now been posted.

January 2013

NSF REU Program
Professor Pottie was awarded an NSF REU program that is directed to Wireless Health.

Wireless Health Research and Education
The research objectives are to advance the state of the art in methods of wireless health. Projects span the range of end-to-end systems including robust inference using body networks of sensors, real-time and energy efficient analysis of sensor data using smartphones, development of effective interfaces and other feedback mechanisms, and construction of readily searchable large-scale databases of time series data. Collectively, the projects enable quantitative determination of patient state and compliance with therapy, and thus facilitate large-scale clinical studies that evaluate the effectiveness of particular therapies. Projects related to inference of human motion and provision of appropriate feedback also have application to sports training and the learning of other physical skills.

The broader impacts include training of undergraduate researchers by graduate mentors and their inspiration to pursue graduate studies. The summer research is designed to develop materials that refresh capstone design courses and produce hands-on activities that are added to lecture courses. The research of the graduate mentors, the summer research, and the capstone design activities are all closely related in a cycle that advances research and training in each phase.

Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities available for 2013
We anticipate being able to hire multiple undergraduate interns for summer research in 2013. Details will be posted in March, 2013.

July 2011

Healthcare Unbound Keynote Address

Professor Majid Sarafzadeh, Wireless Health Institute Co-Director, delivered a keynote in The Eighth Annual HEALTHCARE UNBOUND Conference & Exhibition. As debate rages over the cost and effectiveness of America’s health care system, Professor Sarrafzadeh works with practicing physicians to develop easily understood remote monitoring solutions that save patients’ time, money and lives.

University of California Health Quality Grant

Dr. Dobkin, Wireless Health Institute Co-Director, has received a University of California health quality grant directed to the application of Wireless Health to advance rehabilitation of stroke patients. The press announcement can be viewed here.

May 2011

Ford Motor Company Keynote Address

Professor William Kaiser (UCLA WHI Co-Director) provided the keynote address at the announcement media event by Ford Motor Company of its new Connected Health initiative on May 18, 2011 in Dearborn, Michigan. This is intended to provide Wireless Health support in Ford vehicles with wireless sensing and also with driver and passenger guidance services. The press announcement can be viewed here.

April 2011

UCLA WHI announces first evidence-based pressure ulcer detection instrument

The UCLA WHI, supported by Bruin Biometrics, Inc, announced the first instrument for evidence-based assessment of tissue for pressure ulcers at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) on April 14-17 in Dallas, Texas. The SEM Scanner can be viewed here ( BruinBiometrics )

October 2010

UCLA WHI receives Best Demonstration Award for UCFit

The UCLA WHI UCFit Wireless Health exercise promotion device receives Best Demonstration Award at Wireless Health 2010. The UCFit device is included in trials in the UCLA Reagan Hospital today.

June 2010

UCLA WHI is awarded the new PHASER Center

The UCLA Physiological Health Assessment System for Emergency Responders (PHASER) Program. The was created to address a primary national objective to develop a breakthrough in assuring health and safety for the First Responder community. This national objective requires a state-of-the-art approach combining medical science with technological innovations. It is funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

January 2010

Wireless Health Institute Motion Sensing Technology and Smart Cane covered in the LA Times.

The LA Times describes our successful development of motion sensing technology and its applications to elderly care, including instrumentation of the existing assistant devices, such as SmartCane.

October 2009

Professor Majid Sarrafzadeh , students Myung-kyung Suh, Kyujoong Lee, and Alfred Heu, and postdoc Ani Nahapetian have received a Best Paper award for “Bayesian Networks-Based Interval Training Guidance System for Cancer Rehabilitation.”

This paper will be presented at the International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services, October 26-29, 2009, in San Diego CA.

BodyNets 2009

Bodynets 2009 was held at UCLA in April, 2009. [Link]

October 2008

The SmartCane is featured on the Discovery Channel Website. Read about it here!

June 2008

Foad Dabiri, Alireza Vahdatpour, Hyduke Noshadi, Hagop Hagopian, and Majid Sarrafzadeh received a best-paper award for their paper “Ubiquitous Personal Assistive System for Neuropathy.” The paper was presented at the Second ACM International Workshop on Systems and Networking Support for Healthcare and Assisted Living Environments (HealthNet 2008).

March 2008

Winston Wu, Lawrence Au, Brett Jordan, Thanos Stathopoulos, Maxim .A. Batalin, William .J. Kaiser, Alireza Vahdatpour, Majid Sarrafzadeh, Meika Fang and Joshua Chodosh, SmartCane System: An Assistive Device for Geriatrics, Third International Conference on Body Area Networks (BodyNets 2008), March 13-17, 2008

May 30, 2007

UCLA Workshop on Wireless Health

February 14, 2007

New Research Offers Baby Boomers Round-the-Clock Care, With a ‘Cyber’ Twist

Handheld device developed by UCLA engineer allows doctors to customize patient care 24/7